Welcome! Thanks for visiting Crown To Sole Wellness.  I am Dr. Karla Montague-Brown,  a Family Medicine physician by training and experience. This site was created out of my desire and passion to share what I  have learned in my journey toward living a more abundant and joyful life.  My years of experience of providing primary care physician services have shown me that many people really desire to be healthy but often need help in knowing what to do. That is why I’m here. My mission is to encourage, empower, and equip individuals to create a lifestyle of holistic wellness, abundance, and joy. If you are seeking to enjoy life to its fullest you have found the right place to assist you in your journey.

As we continue this journey together I will share practical, TRUSTWORTHY lifestyle strategies designed to help you move toward achieving your holistic health and wellness goals.  YES,  from the CROWN of your head TO the SOLE of your foot you can experience wellness of mind, body, and soul!

Each time you visit this site just the name itself will help you to remember key elements in your wellness quest: Control of  Self, Rest, Outdoors, Water, Nutrition, Trust God, Optimism, Sunlight, Others, Love, Exercise.  The various elements in the name CROWN TO SOLE will be unpacked in a manner that is UPLIFTING and MOTIVATIONAL so that you are equipped with tools and resources to live like the Royalty that you are! I invite you to join the CROWN TO SOLE Wellness community and receive a FREE COPY of the CROWN TO SOLE Wellness Action Guide. This guide is an easy to read ebooklet which shares some practical tips to assist you in creating your lifestyle of holistic wellness. Just fill in the form below with your name and email address so you can download this great resource. You’re gonna love it!